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Beiersdorf - Pitching Opportunity: Shaping the future of skin care

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Kisaco Research designed a comprehensive marketing strategy that included targeted email campaigns, social media promotion, and partnership outreach. The promotional assets featured engaging visuals and compelling content that highlighted the topic of the webinar and pitch day which focused on how to efficiently evaluate early-stage brands working with skin and digital focuses surrounding:

  • Holistic health
  • Women’s health
  • Dermtology
  • Retail experiences
  • Data-led solution for analysis
  • Customer journey optimisation
  • Personlization 

The Solution

A targeted 6 month marketing campaign to raise awareness, excitement, and applications – the lead up to an in-person full day event.

The Campaign 

Using Beauty Connect's existing email and social channels to promote this webinar and pitch day to our global audience. The stats and examples of this can be found below. 

The Webinar 

Beiersdorf hosted a pre-event seminar covering:

  • The company Beiersdorf and its Brands
  • What innovations Beiersdorf are interested in
  • Their start-up investment strategy
  • Opportunities in Digital Skin Care
  • Details of the April opportunity and how you get involved