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Petcare Innovation Europe 2025
June 2025

Are you a Multinational?

Position yourself as the comprehensive solution provider throughout a pets lifetime by discovering the white spaces and opportunities to partner across all sides of the industry. Establish touchpoints at every stage of a pets lifecycle by discovering the most innovative start-ups across midsize companies to acquire. Don't miss out on the chance to be at the forefront of innovation and secure the insights and connections needed to shape the future of the petcare industry.


What's On?

Best in Show Spotlight

Discover the most exciting innovations addressing unmet needs at our Best in Show spotlight pitches, where visionary start-ups will showcase their groundbreaking solutions to our auidence of 300+ senior executives in the petcare industry. Pre-screened by our esteemed selection committee, composed of seasoned investors, our finalists will engage in a dynamic quick fire round on stage. 

Industry Insights Tracks

Refine your innovation strategy through an in-depth examination of the latest trends and the identification of specific challenges across pet health, nutrition, products, and services within our industry insights track. Gain invaluable insights meticulously crafted to inform your approach and keep you at the forefront of the dynamic Petcare landscape. 


1-2-1 Meetings

Connect 1-2-1 with all other attendees on our networking platform, Swapcard. With Swapcard, you'll have the opportunity to arrive in Berlin with a bespoke meeting schedule tailored to your business needs. This ensures that you make the most of your time at the event by connecting with industry stakeholders who are integral to building your buisness. 


Who You Will Meet At Petcare Innovation Europe

Connecting C-Suite leaders from across the petcare ecosystem to drive innovation, partnerships and investment to improve pet wellness and pet owner experience.

  • Start-ups

    We’re committed to increasing the exposure of emerging companies at the forefront of the petcare industry across all stages of growth with strategic partners and investors who can ensure their growth and success in this market and drive innovation within the pet industry.


    Past Attendees Include

  • Investors

    We unite prominent investors across petcare, spanning from angel investors to private equity, actively seeking investment opportunities. Our platform facilitates connections between these investors and innovative companies at the forefront of the petcare market, fostering strategic alignments to enhance their portfolios. Join us in creating impactful investments that shape the future of petcare.


    Past Attendees Include

  • Multinationals & Retailers

    Our platform connects top-tier multinationals and retailers with forward-thinking companies actively seeking partners. Together, we cultivate strategic alliances to craft meaningful touchpoints at every stage of the pet lifecycle. Join us in shaping the future of the pet industry through collaborative innovation.


    Past Attendees Include

  • Veterinary Clinics

    Elevate veterinary care with the industry's foremost leaders in health as we spearhead innovation. Our mission is to enhance veterinary practices by connecting them with emerging startups and innovative companies who can optimise efficiency, prioritise preventive health measures. Join us in shaping the future of veterinary care by connecting with the trailblazers who can propel your practice to new heights.


    Past Attendees Include

  • Insurance

    We bring together top insurers, ranging from startups to industry giants, providing them a platform to forge connections with complementary companies. This collaborative space is designed for partnerships that enhance product offerings and drive market penetration, ensuring a synergy that propels innovation and growth. Join us in fostering strategic alliances that redefine the landscape of the insurance industry.


    Past Attendees Include

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