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Shaping the future of the Animal Health industry by showcasing innovations in prediction, prevention and cure

Who We Are

Our Animal Health, Nutrition & Technology Innovation series is focused on innovation and investment. It’s clear to us that, as the animal health world continues to change, small biotech companies are going to be increasingly important for the future of the industry. Our innovation series acts as a platform for emerging companies to pitch their solutions to financial investors and strategic partners to help them achieve their goals. Our mission is to become the #1 animal health event series globally that connects innovation with investment and partnership opportunities.

Who You Will Meet

The Animal Health, Nutrition and Technology Innovation Series is the premier, industry-led platform dedicated to uniting the entire industry. Bringing together senior executives from large pharmaceutical and medical device companies, biotechs, startups, investors, funds, CROs, consultants, law firms, government representatives, regulatory experts, and other supporting stakeholders, AHNTI is dedicated to meeting the essential demands of the animal health sector to facilitate the scaling and growth of companies and key stakeholders throughout their commercial journey.

  • Start-Ups

    We are committed to increasing exposure of emerging companies in animal health, at all stages of growth and development, who are seeking partnership opportunities and are at the forefront of shaping the future of animal health.


    Past Start-Up Attendees

    What our attendees say

    "Well-organised with high quality attendees and some excellent speakers"

    John Wisbey, Co-Founder and CEO, Chordata

    “This is such an amazing honour to be here... the connections we’re making here will really make a difference in our future”
    Daniela Simic, CTO, Vetirus Pharmaceuticals

    “It was an awesome experience”

    Dylan Balsz, CEO and Founder, Anivive Lifesciences

    Critical Needs Identified

    Animal health start-ups play a vital role in addressing significant gaps in veterinary care, requiring crucial investments for innovation, regulatory approvals, and robust clinical trial data. These start-ups face distinct challenges navigating complex regulations and proving the effectiveness of their solutions tailored to animal health needs. The Animal Health, Nutrition and Technology Innovation Series serves as a pivotal platform for start-ups to connect with investors, regulatory experts, and collaborators. By fostering these connections, the series not only secures essential financial support but also encourages knowledge-sharing, regulatory navigation, and expertise utilization to advance groundbreaking animal health solutions. More than an event series, we are a strategic hub where ideas converge, partnerships flourish, and the future of animal health is shaped.

  • Service Providers

    Service providers include researchers, knowledge leaders, accelerators, consultants, lawyers, CROs, and regulatory experts.


    Service Providers Include

    What our attendees say
  • Multinationals

    At the forefront of innovation, multinational animal health companies play a key role in shaping the investments and innovation happening in the animal health sphere.



    Past Multinational Attendees

    What our attendees say

    Forward-facing, solution-focused event which gets you thinking not just about the art of the possible but what is coming down the line imminently and in the medium term which will fundamentally change the animal health industry for the better. Exciting times ahead from a diagnostic, treatment and animal care perspective. Felt like a very collaborative space.

    Catriona Curtis, Group Sustainability and Social Value Manager, Pets at Home

    "It's the J.P. Morgan of animal health" 

    George Gunn, Founder and Partner, Stonehaven Consulting AG

    "It’s got to be one of our top industry events, if not that most important one"

    Jeff Simmons, Chief Executive Officer, Elanco

    Critical Needs Identified

    As one health, sustainability and zoonotic disease become increasingly prevelant, major pharmaceutical companies are constantly seeking innovation brought by animal health start-ups. Acquiring these start-ups not only allows pharmaceutical giants to broaden their portfolios but also grants access to the latest tailored technologies and advancements catering to animal health needs. The Animal Health, Nutrition and Technology Innovation Series emerges as a pivotal bridge for large pharmaceuticals to connect with inventive start-ups and glean insights into cutting-edge technologies. Through participation in the series, these companies can engage with key figures — from visionary entrepreneurs to regulatory experts — fostering collaborations that propel them to the forefront of animal healthcare innovation. This series acts as a strategic platform, facilitating the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and the forging of partnerships crucial in shaping the future of animal health.

  • Mid-Size Companies

    Mid-size animal health companies play a crucial role in advancing veterinary medicine, improving animal health, and supporting the well-being of pets, livestock, and other animals.


    Critical Needs Identified

    Mid-size companies play a pivotal role in the animal health market as their agility and flexibility, focus on specific segments or niches within the animal health industry, and strong relationships with their customers, including veterinarians, clinics, and pet owners, allows for a concentrated effort on developing specialized products, treatments, or services for particular animal species or health concerns.

    The Animal Health, Nutrition and Technology Innovation Series helps mid-size companies to bridge the gaps between large corporations and start-ups through partnerships, collaborations, or acquisitions with smaller start-ups, helping bring promising products and technologies to a larger scale while maintaining a level of flexibility and innovation.

  • Investors

    We look to bring together leading investors with a particular focus on animal health, ranging from seed, to angel, venture capital firms, private equity, funds, and advisors.


    Past Investor Attendees

    What our attendees say

    Critical Needs Identified

    Investors are increasingly drawn to the potential of animal health start-ups, recognizing their capacity for impactful innovation and significant market growth. Addressing the unique healthcare needs of animals, investors see an opportunity to back groundbreaking solutions that enhance animal well-being. The Animal Health, Nutrition and Technology Innovation Series emerges as a crucial hub for investors keen on exploring and investing in this thriving sector. Participation in the series grants investors access to a curated network of like-minded peers, fellow investors, and industry experts. Not only do we showcase promising start-ups but we foster strategic discussions and collaborations among investors, cultivating shared knowledge and collective investment efforts that drive animal health advancements. Serving as a catalyst for connections, the series empowers investors to engage with the right individuals and collectively contribute to the growth and success of the animal health innovation ecosystem.

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