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Pet Connect

Driving disruptive innovation within the entire global pet ecosystem

Who We Are

The Pet Connect Series is focused on driving disruptive innovation and investment within petcare to meet the global demand of modern pet parents. Our innovation series acts as a platform for emerging petcare companies to showcase their products and connect with investors, partners and leaders within petcare to accelerate growth in this multi-billion dollar market.


Who You Will Meet

Connecting C-Suite leaders from across the petcare ecosystem to drive innovation, partnerships and investment to improve pet wellness and pet owner experience.

  • Start-ups

    We’re committed to increasing the exposure of emerging companies at the forefront of the petcare industry across all stages of growth with strategic partners and investors who can ensure their growth and success in this market and drive innovation within the pet industry.


    Past Attendees Include

    What our attendees say

    Petcare Innovation Europe is a must-attend event for anyone in the pet care industry looking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, innovations, and best practices. The congress brings together a diverse group of industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators to share their knowledge and insights, making it an excellent opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded professionals.

    Fatima Bonmati, Marketing Manager, Dinbeat

    Critical Needs - Start-ups

    Ensure your growth and success in the petcare market by, connecting with leading industry investors. Gain the insights needed from investors and established companies to perfect your pitch and ensure you reach profitability. Explore acceleration or acquisition by connecting with M&A and accelerator scouts from the largest petcare companies. Meet you future partners who can improve your product offering and aid your expansion. 

  • Investors

    We unite prominent investors across petcare, spanning from angel investors to private equity, actively seeking investment opportunities. Our platform facilitates connections between these investors and innovative companies at the forefront of the petcare market, fostering strategic alignments to enhance their portfolios. Join us in creating impactful investments that shape the future of petcare.


    Past Attendees Include

    What our attendees say

    This is the premier place where founders in the pet space are gathering

    Meagan Loyst, Investor, Lerer Hippeau

    Critical Needs - Investors

    Find your next investment that aligns with your portfolio by connecting with the most innovative startups across various stages of growth. Improve your deal flow by connecting with investors that are active within petcare 

  • Multinationals & Retailers

    Our platform connects top-tier multinationals and retailers with forward-thinking companies actively seeking partners. Together, we cultivate strategic alliances to craft meaningful touchpoints at every stage of the pet lifecycle. Join us in shaping the future of the pet industry through collaborative innovation.


    Past Attendees Include

    What our attendees say

    This Summit gives us a great vehicle to introduce ourselves and talk to more people

    Nathan Marafioti, VP - Lead New Business Models, Nestle Purina
  • Veterinary Clinics

    Elevate veterinary care with the industry's foremost leaders in health as we spearhead innovation. Our mission is to enhance veterinary practices by connecting them with emerging startups and innovative companies who can optimise efficiency, prioritise preventive health measures. Join us in shaping the future of veterinary care by connecting with the trailblazers who can propel your practice to new heights.


    Past Attendees Include

    What our attendees say

    The "JP Morgan" of Animal Health, so every company needs to be there

    Erwin Blomsma, CEO and Co-Founder, ViroVet
  • Insurance

    We bring together top insurers, ranging from startups to industry giants, providing them a platform to forge connections with complementary companies. This collaborative space is designed for partnerships that enhance product offerings and drive market penetration, ensuring a synergy that propels innovation and growth. Join us in fostering strategic alliances that redefine the landscape of the insurance industry.


    Past Attendees Include

    What our attendees say

    Best networking event in the industry! 

    Julien Tripet, CEO & Founder, Animoscope
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Addressing Critical Industry Needs

Step into a world of opportunity with the Pet Connect Series. Throughout the year, we offer numerous engagement opportunities for our vibrant community to unite and address your most pressing needs. Whether you're navigating the complexities of investment, reimbursement, or scaling your organization, our diverse range of campaigns is your compass on the path to commercial success.


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